OfficeUS Announces American Pavilion ‘Partners’ for Architecture Biennale

When the Venice Architecture Biennale opens on June 6, OfficeUs, the American Pavilion project joint-curated by Eva Franch of the Storefront for Art and Architecture, Ana Miljački of M.I.T., and Ashley Schafer of the University of Ohio, will operate a functioning architecture firm inside the U.S. Pavilion for the six-month duration of the Biennale. And like any architecture firm, this one has partners, who were revealed on Friday following an open call for participants that was announced last October.

The eight participants, who will serve as the principal architects of OfficeUS, include Curtis RothManuel Shvartzberg Carrió, and Matteo Ghidoni. Duo teams — Daniel Fernández Pascual and Alon Schwabe of Cooking Sections, and Mona Mahall and Asli Serbest of M-A-U-S-E-R — were also selected. Arielle Assouline-Lichten, one half of the duo that started the petition to have Denise Scott Brown retroactively added to husband Robert Venturi‘s 1991 Pritzker Prize, will also be setting up shop as an OfficeUS partner in Venice.

The team of partners brings a variety of backgrounds and specialties to the American Pavilion. Cooking Sections explore the spaces of production and consumption of food, whereas M-A-U-S-E-R, who teach in Stuttgart and publish the magazine Junk Jet, pursue a speculative practice at the intersections of architecture, text, video, and graphics. Roth, who has practiced and taught architecture, is “the office’s Confabulist of Archival Comedies (CAC), a role which entails simulating new collective architectural memories by repurposing the affective magic of comedy as a device for re-wiring architectural history,” according to a press release. Meanwhile, Assouline-Lichten, Carrió, and Ghidoni each design and research at their own respective practices. The projects these partners pursue once their collaborative venture begins in a few weeks’ time will hopefully produce results as varied and colorful as their backgrounds.

— Anna Kats (@fortunaviriliis)

Image courtesy of the Storefront for Art and Architecture.