SCADpad: Design Students to Populate a Parking Garage With Micro Architecture

Addressing the need for urban housing in the evermore-crowded future, the students of the Savannah College of Art and Design are experimenting with a new apartment typology ideal for very small spaces — parking spaces, in fact.

The future, built to scale

They’ve designed SCADpads, fully-functioning, fully-equipped homes with a footprint the size of a parking space, and will be erecting them in a disused midcentury parking lot on the SCAD Atlanta campus this April. Over the course of the spring quarter, they’ll be inhabited full-time by students blogging, tweeting, and filming the “#tinydetails” of the experience. The bold experiment questions not only the possibilities of condensed living units, but the potential for the often overlooked parking garage. “As these buildings reach the end of their initial life cycle,” SCAD School of Building Arts dean Christian Sottile asks, “are there adaptive reuse strategies for parking structures that we haven’t considered yet?” Watch his full description below.

— Janelle Zara (@janellezara)
Image via SCAD