If Lichtenstein, Warhol, and Mondrian Were Exterior Decorators

Barcelona-based illustrator Federico Babina is now wowing the Internet with his “Archist City,” a series of graphic designs that depict what “what buildings might look like had they been designed by 27 famous artists in their signature styles,” according to Co.Design, or more accurately, what modernist buildings might look like had 27 artists been allowed to paint their exteriors. For the most part, the 2-dimensional renderings are basic examples of the artists’ work sprinkled with little silhouettes of people to convey their scale—Mondrian’s is a geometric collage of primary colors, while Lichtenstein’s is a geometric collage of primary colors with polka dots. Despite their minimal amount of architectural features, their cheerful palettes make them pleasant to look at nonetheless. And as a surprise highlight, it turns out the late sculptor Tony Smith would have erected Beijing’s CCTV Tower long before Rem Koolhaas dreamed up its impossible cantilever.

To see more of “Archist City,” see Babina’s site. [Co.Design]

— Janelle Zara (@janellezara)

Image by Federico Babina