On the Road 4 Explores Poolside Architecture at Palm Springs Modernism Week

On the Road, the Los Angeles-based curatorial collective that organizes pop-up architecture exhibitions across and about the city, strayed off the beaten path on February 22 and 23 — heading to Palm Springs Modernism Week for a show that explored the experience of being in and around the residential pool. For its fourth installation, On the Road decamped to The Amado, where poolside installations included a reinvention of artist Allan Kaprow‘s 1967 piece “Fluids.”

Kaprow’s original wall of ice was reinvented for OtR4 as a column built of ice bricks — reinvented, says curator Danielle Rago, rather than reconstructed, because Kaprow’s melting wall emphasized process over end result. The ice column, which collapsed into the pool once the foundation’s ice blocks melted, was meant to attune viewers to how the environment changed over the course of the weekend-long exhibition. “Less like something you would just look at,” according to Rago, “and more like something you would rather be part of.”

Various other installations on view at the Amado over the weekend included large-format styrofoam shapes conceived by artist and furniture designer Matthew Sullivan. The rectangles, spheres, and cubes, which were part Maura Lucking‘s piece “In, On and Around (Data Pooling),” were thrown into the pool — prompting a “crazy pool party,” says Rago. As visitors got into the water to play with the geometric objects while a film made for the exhibition was projected onto them, On the Road once again proved that neither architecture nor its display need be traditional to be effective.

— Anna Kats (@fortunaviriliis)

Image courtesy of Jaime Kowal.