Architecture Instagram: Making Room for Snøhetta’s Site-Specific SFMOMA Expansion

With the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art‘s 235,000-square-foot expansion well underway, the construction team chisels a path for the new Snøhetta-designed building. “I think it can safely be said that San Francisco does not have a distinguished tradition of embracing modern architecture. We love our Victorians here,” SFMOMA director Neal Benezra tells ARTINFO. “One of the things Snøhetta was very keen on was protecting the [original Mario] Botta facade and the view of the AT&T building. They had never done a big museum, but one of the things that I think is telling about Snøhetta is that their firm doesn’t bare the name of their principals; Snøhetta is a mountain in Norway. I think that’s indicative of a lot of things: their willingness to listen, their eagerness to listen. They must have interviewed everyone on our staff, and they interviewed people on the street. They haven’t flown in and airlifted a design on us like some architects might have. That lack of tangible ego has been great.”

— Janelle Zara

Image by Janelle Zara