Sotheby’s Presents an Unlikely Design Team: Jonathon Ive, Marc Newson, and Bono

“I think Marc is fairly peerless now,” Apple design guru Jonathan Ive said of Marc Newson in the New York Times early in 2012. At the time he had failed to consider that Newson’s singular peer might be himself, but it looks like the idea has finally dawned on him. The two deified designers and long-time friends have collaborated over the last year-and-a-half curating and designing objects for (RED), the Sotheby’s November auction to raise funds for Bono‘s charity of the same name. Their newly unveiled collaborations include a new desk and a Leica Rangefinder, household objects that exemplify their high-tech proclivities without including that lowercase “i.”

“Often your innovation is just coming up with a new way to use material,” Ive continued two years ago, uncannily describing the design he and Newson have just created. Their new (RED) Desk was crafted by Santa Barbara-based Neal Feay Studio out of aluminum, a material any MacBook Pro owner should be well familiar with.

Jony Ive and Marc Newson’s The (RED) Desk, 2013, Edition 01/01 (We would have called it the iTable)

The two have also applied their streamlined aesthetic to an anodized aluminum Leica Rangefinder. Unfortunately for technophiles, it won’t upload your photos to Facebook for you.

The Sotheby’s auction, the proceeds of which support the Global Fund to fight AIDS, Tuberculosis, and Malaria takes place in New York on November 23.

— Janelle Zara

Images courtesy Vanity Fair and Sotheby’s