See Old Spice’s Ode to the Visionary “Worst Architect in the World”

The latest archetype of manliness to be lauded by Old Spice’s obnoxiously eccentric soap ads (the ranks of which currently include centaurs, wolf dogs, and surgeons) is the sweaty architect. He’s not just any sweaty architect, but one whose presumably self-designed home features a showerhead in the living room, stairs to nowhere, a fan on a slanted ceiling, a shelf for what looks like a lofted breakfast nook, and some god-awful wallpaper colliding with the exposed brick. To the shortsighted, it makes him the Worst Architect in the World.

The better informed will actually recognize that Worst Architect is simply a visionary ahead of his time. His progressive combination of living room and bathroom bring to mind Nendo‘s recent perplexing collaboration with Axor, combination floor or pendant lamp showerheads called WaterDream. Yes, they appear to defy all notions of logic, but they’re actually a stroke of genius. Duh. Axor brand manager Philippe Grohe explains: “The natural coming-together of light and water is freed from spatial constraints: what traditionally took place in separate rooms – reading under a lamp in the living room, taking a shower in the bathroom – can now be experienced free from spatial allocations or confinements,” he says. Taking these notions into account, we can actually conclude that Worst Architect is actually a genius. How did we not see it before? [h/t AdWeek]

— Janelle Zara

Images via Youtube, Hansgrohe