Tour Santiago Calatrava and Sons’ Apple Store-Like Inner Sanctum

Photo by Thomas Loof via New York Magazine

While they say the apple never falls far from the tree, Santiago Calatrava‘s son Gabriel Calatrava‘s aesthetic seems to be much closer Apple’s than his father’s. The 30-year-old aspiring architect designed the interior of his and his two brothers’ shared home, the third of the Santiago clan’s three Park Avenue townhouses (the first two serving as home to Calatrava and Calatrava’s practice). Bereft of any designer flourishes, photos of the remarkably spare space reveal an affinity for modernism more reminiscent of Steve Jobs. There are no ornate, bird-like structures; instead, there’s a sleek glass cube strikingly similar to the one on Madison Avenue that  welcomes visitors at the front door. Then there are the brothers’ massive oak bookshelves (all carved from the same tree) that help to streamline the space. Not only does the shelf swing shut to hide the home office and library in a cube-like structure at will, it houses all the engineering — “ducts, wires, light switches” — under its pristinely smooth surfaces, not unlike the aluminum casing of your MacBook.

To see Justin Davidson‘s slideshow of the Calatravas’ space, check out New York magazine’s Spring Design Issue.

— Janelle Zara