A Bjarke Ingels-Designed LEGO Museum is Coming to Denmark

One could say that it’s about time that LEGO got itself a “Brand House,” whatever that might mean. And to design this temple to LEGO, there is probably no more obvious choice than Bjarke Ingels. The BIG founder and pride of Denmark has become known far and wide as the go-to architect for unabashedly playful and admittedly “hedonistic” contemporary design, a schtick that has certainly paid off judging by his rapidly growing portfolio and prominent presence on the web. Now, Ingels and his firm will be designing a “public LEGO museum and experience center” in Billund, Denmark which, according to Architect Magazine, will look at LEGO “from all its different aspects,” as Ingels explained.

“If you consider it just an art museum, you would be able to fill it with so much user content of such a high quality,” Ingels said, doubtlessly alluding to the feed of spectacular LEGO projects that has been coursing through the Internet for some time now. Ingels was an early proponent of bringing the colorful acetate bricks out of the children’s playroom and into the realm of grown-ups — specifically architecture and design —, as evinced in his 250,000-piece LEGO model that drew in quite the crowd at the Storefront for Art and Architecture in 2007.

The LEGO Brand House, the first museum devoted to LEGO and open to the public, is expected to open within the next few years. “It will be the best museum ever,” Ingels added.

Photo via The Storefront for Art and Architecture

- Kelly Chan