City Planners Approve Frank Gehry-Designed Facebook Campus in Menlo Park

Facebook recently got a big blue thumbs up from the Menlo Park Planning Commission to build its sprawling Frank Gehry-designed headquarters. Along with the requisite rezoning for the design, the commission approved the project’s environmental impact report, an official statement concluding that the new development would have more positive than negative effects on the area, and a cartographical change that will create a private road in front of the property called “Facebook Way.”

So, what else is there to know aside from the fact that Facebook employees will be able to enjoy an enormous rooftop garden sitting atop a quarter-mile long building (designed by the acclaimed Frank Gehry to appear notably more refined than your average Google playplace)? Well, apparently there’s more to it than that. According to the Palo Alto Daily News, Facebook has agreed to either channel $4.5 million into funding the area’s affordable housing or build 15 affordable housing units elsewhere, or some combination of both. The company will also be paying the city $1.5 million over the next 10 years and shelling out quite a lot of additional cash for property taxes and local improvements. It appears that the city of Menlo Park might really like this development too (yes, I know we’ve all heard that joke before).

Photo: A scaled model of the Menlo Park Facebook campus / Frank Gehry, Gehry Partners

- Kelly Chan