Google’s Bespoke Tel Aviv Headquarters Are an Oversized Playplace

Lately, the well-paid professionals of the tech world have been characterized as an ungainly (albeit super-wealthy) group of overgrown schoolboys, for everything from their awkwardly misguided come-ons (“” written on a napkin and passed to a model, for instance) to their sartorial cluelessness, summed up in a word: hoody. Taking a bad thing and making it comically worse are Swiss designers Camenzind Evolution in collaboration with Israeli firms Studio Yaron Tal and Setter Architects, who hadn’t read the latest issue of Details before installing a giant slide in the breakroom of Google‘s Tel Aviv headquarters.

Ugh, look at all the soda in the fridge.

The informal work rooms of the seven-floor office in Tel Aviv’s Electra skyscraper were designed to reflect the unique features of the city’s identity, from its mountainous outlying landscape to its orange groves. But what actually came to fruition — artificial grass, fruit trees, a tractor, etc.. —  was more akin to a gimmicky youth hostel than a grown-up, multi-billion-dollar workplace. To see more room you’re likely to shake your head at, check out the photos on Phaidon.

— Janelle Zara