The Week, Objectified: Calatrava Needs More Money, Zaha Hates on Misogyny, and Other Object Lessons

So another week has gone by, and now you’re sitting on the couch with a bowl of soggy cereal wondering what just happened. Fret not, because now you can tune in every Saturday for a short and sweet recap of the week in Object Lessons. Without further ado, here goes the inaugural post of The Week, Objectified!

Funding troubles arise for Santiago Calatrava‘s World Trade Center PATH Hub, and it’s starting to look like this prickly construction won’t be up and running anytime soon.

– Dame Zaha Hadid found time to pen a critique on gender inequality in the architecture industry, and we took the time to analyze if she’s telling us anything we didn’t already know about architecture and misogyny.

– Philadelphia’s brutalist police station, nicknamed the Roundhouse, might be a little too brutal for its own good right now. Unfortunately, it looks like it’s not too early to rally for its preservation.

– Is design an art or a science? Probably both, but a New York Times article posits that it’s more science than we think, and we might all be conditioned from birth to love Jackson Pollock.

– Apple designer¬†Jonathan Ive made a cameo appearance on British children’s show “Blue Peter,” where he watched three children (on an iPad Mini) present ideas for a new hybrid backpack concept and staged the most adorable design crit we’ve ever seen on YouTube.

Austro-Australian modernist Harry Seidler finally gets his day in the sun with a traveling exhibition spotlighting the architect who brought the Bauhaus down under.

Image: Harry Seidler’s Julian Rose House in Sydney / Original photo: Max Dupain