Apple Designer Jonathan Ive Vets the Next Crop of Geniuses on British Children’s Show

Few contemporary designers get the respect from the old guard that Apple’s Jonathan Ive does — everyone from Dieter Rams to Massimo Vignelli have sung the praises of his aesthetic. Paying the accolades forward, Ive made a cameo appearance on British Children’s TV show “Blue Peter” to offer feedback on a few budding product designers’ backpack and lunchbox concepts. “The drawings are really fabulous, aren’t they?” he thinks aloud, until precious little Dougie blows away the competition with his computer rendering of a backpack made with a mesh bottom so that the crumbs can fall out  (thereby exposing his own genius and cookie hoarding habit).

Ive’s greatest bit of advice was the Jobsian approach of thinking outside the box: “If we’re thinking about a lunchbox, we’d be really careful about not having the word box already, to give you a bunch of ideas that could be quite narrow,” said Ive. “Because you think of a box as being square and like a cube. So we’re quite careful with the words that you use, because those can be narrow and can determine the path that you go down.” [h/t]

— Janelle Zara