Ikea’s Valentine’s Day Special Wants You to Get It On Today

Oh Ikea, you and your crazy advertising antics. In celebration of Valentine’s Day, the official day of love, affection, confusion, and miscommunication, the Swedish furniture-manufacturing giant launched a frisky ad campaign involving a special rebate of sorts. In Australia only, couples who have children born on November 14, 2013 can redeem the full cost of a $99 Ikea crib if they present a birth certificate. In case you haven’t done the math or read into the subtext of the last three sentences, this means that if you and your significant other get intimate today and make the major life decision to have a child TODAY, you will get a free SNIGLAR cot to welcome your child into the world, which may or may not be entirely colonized by Ikea by November.

Unfortunately, “today” means yesterday in Australia, and delivery is not included, so you may want to get a car too, something safe with four-wheel drive and child locks.


- Kelly Chan