Orange County Votes to Fund $10M for Paul Rudolph Center Renovations

We’ve all heard the story of the brutalist building that got knocked down after successive petitions, court cases, and heartfelt pleas (those are a dime a dozen in these parts). As for the tale of the building that was saved and received millions of dollars in funding for renovation, it’s not quite as common, so we’re happy to report that last Wednesday, Republicans and Democrats of New York’s Orange County legislature came together, sort of, to pass a proposal to renovate Paul Rudolph‘s formerly embattled Orange County Government Center.

According to the Times-Herald Record, a 15-6 vote sealed the deal for the 43-year-old landmark, bonding $10 million to design the necessary renovations and marking a “stinging defeat” for county executive Ed Diana, who closed the building in September 2011 and advocated its demolition. “After years of neglect, the building will now get some attention,” said New York architect Francis Wickham, reports the Record. “I just hope the building will become part of the legacy of the county.”

Photo: Ty Cole

- Kelly Chan