Prentice Women’s Hospital Denied Landmark Status Again

In a period of three months, Chicago’s Prentice Women’s Hospital has been twice denied landmark status. The episode, though still ongoing, is starting to resemble tragic efforts to save a beached whale.

Yesterday the city’s Landmarks Commission reconvened after being accused of a lack of transparency in its previous November 2012 vote, which granted the hospital landmark status and then immediately rescinded it after the commission considered testimony from the city’s Department of Housing and Economic Development. All bets were in yesterday that Bertrand Goldberg’s brutalist relic would be denied its reprieve again, and to no one’s surprise, the commission had no problem cuing the bulldozers once more.

The bulldozers, however, will have to wait a bit longer. Another hearing is scheduled for February 15, and the efforts of some preservationists have not waned.

Photo: Prentice Women’s Hospital / credit: Landmark Illinois

[Chicago Tribune]

- Kelly Chan