Mammoth Sao Paulo Street Art in Memory of Oscar Niemeyer

In the days following his passing, sprawling eulogies to Oscar Niemeyer rolled out in droves; weeks later, crowds of Brazilian architects invoked his spirit in protest of Brasília’s new foreign master plan; and now, nearly two months later, his tributes show no sign of stopping — in fact, they’re only getting bigger.

Sao Paulo artist Eduardo Kobra (whose work you pass often if you frequent the High Line) is now putting the finishing touches on a mammoth rainbow mural of Niemeyer. The surface of a Sao Paulo financial district building on Avenida Paulista depicts the late architect poised in thought, hands folded in front of his face. At 56 meters (184 feet) tall, the mural is larger than Niemeyer, the man, but only starts to approach the size of his legacy. [h/t to The Atlantic Cities]

— Janelle Zara