Shop Art Online With Bradford Shellhammer

Thanks to the advent of the Internet, art collecting no longer requires going out into the cold. Now that we have Artsy, Artspace, and now @60″, it’s just a few clicks away. co-creator Bradford Shellhammer is trying his hand at curating in two-dimensions this week at @60″, shifting his meticulous eye from functional art to art art. Having put together an online show of artists hailing from Boston to Tel Aviv —  photographer Marc Dimov, painter Rotem Reshef, and various other up-and-comers — his signature aesthetic still shows through: “For this curation I pulled together the types of art Fab’s known for curating: colorful, pop, humorous, graphic, and bold,” he told ARTINFO via email. “These are all artists to watch.”

The curated sale ends Sunday.

— Janelle Zara