1970s Photo of Zaha and Rem Proves that Architects Can Be Very Good Looking

If we were to base our judgments exclusively on popular media coverage, architects are an old, scraggly bunch. Their masterworks take years to be realized, and their theories take decades to mature. But believe it or not, they were once young, strapping youths and probably somewhat narcissistic if they were to ever aspire to construct building-sized monuments of their own design. Case in point, this photo of Zaha Hadid and her then-boss Rem Koolhaas in the 1970s. Though we’re quite certain this randomly tweeted gem is photoshopped, these are undoubtedly softer versions of the faces that media has come to love. And that’s Rem Koolhaas WITH HAIR. We’ll just leave you to gawk at that.

[h/t Architect’s Newspaper]

- Kelly Chan