Daniel Libeskind Instructs Free Online Class on Designing Cities

Interested in designing an ideal city and discussing the details with Daniel Libeskind? Well, now is your chance. As part of a new offering from the Leuphana Digital School, the online counterpart to the L√ľneburg educational institution, Libeskind is instructing a course on contemporary urban planning called “ThinkTank Cities,” which is free of tuition and open to anyone with Internet access. “Participants will be working in multi-disciplinary teams,” explains the brief abstract for the prototype course, and “[l]eading scholars and experts will guide and support teams in creating their own vision of an ‘Ideal City of the 21st Century’.” The introductory video very methodically describes the structure of the course and the virtues of free education, and it features the maestro himself (and then speaks of him a little bit like he’s Michael Kors on Project Runway). Registration is open now until January 21st. For more information, visit the program website.

- Kelly Chan