Beastie Boy Mike D’s Designs Embellish Marquee’s Bathroom Walls

Beastie Boy Mike D, or Mike Diamond, as his mother called him, launched an urban version of traditional French toile de jouy with Brooklyn Toile last August. He replaced classic vignettes of hoop-skirted women and bucolic idylls with scenes from his native borough — the Coney Island Cyclone, the Brooklyn Bridge, Notorious B.I.G., crowds of Hassidic Jewish men, etc… — and used the ensuing pattern to line the interiors of his own Brooklyn brownstone.

This toilet is just an example; we expect more debauchery inside Marquee.

Tonight, as Marquee resurrects itself from its two-year hiatus in Chelsea, the revamped version of the notorious hotspot will bear Mike D’s designs on the bathroom walls. If you manage to squeeze past the the girl with the list manning the velvet ropes, make sure to get a good look.

— Janelle Zara