Semi-Homemade Bouroullec Curtains Unveiled at Imm Cologne

In order to find the ideal window treatments for our certain day and age, Danish manufacturer Kvadrat and textile wonders the Bouroullec Brothers called in the help of a consulting agency. It took an investigation of “existing curtain solutions” against “the requirements of the homeowner,” to come up with Ready Made, a DIY set that includes just a hanging cord, wall fixings, pegs, and a selection of Kvadrat textiles that any ol’ goon can set up.

She made them herself, kind of.

While it appears they just shoved a few spare odds and ends in a kit, reportedly the design was engineered to the perfect minimum of materials and required skills. Leaning more towards Sandra Lee than Martha Stewart, these curtains ask you neither to read Design Sponge, nor own any cords, clothespins, or creativity to achieve the shabby DIY chic the Bouroullecs aim to put in your home. “The charm of the imperfect in opposition to the overly sanitized interior is something we believe in,” they offered cheerfully in a statement. They’ve pointed you in the right direction, and then met you halfway.

Ready Made was unveiled today at the start of  international trade show IMM Cologne.

— Janelle Zara