Adorable Architectural Anecdotes; Or, A More Intimate Look at Le Corbusier

While the hotly-anticipated MoMA retrospective on the venerated architect promises to reveal “the ways in which Le Corbusier observed and imagined landscapes throughout his career” to survey his lesser-known talents as a writer, painter, and photographer, there’s an even more intimate side we’ve got to show you.

You may well have seen this photograph of Le Corb vandalizing the walls of Irish architect Eileen Gray‘s E-1027 Villa (a perfectly normal way to spend one’s leisure time in 1939) but have you ever wondered about the prominent scar running down his right thigh? Wonder no more. We stumbled upon the answer on Ross Wolfe‘s The Charnel-House blog: a yacht passed over him in St. Tropez bay while he was staying at the house the year before, and lots of blood and split flesh ensued. This particular villa played a large role in Le Corb’s story: the murals he left on the walls while Gray was away were frequently a bone of contention between the two, and according to legend, the villa was within his range of vision when he drowned in the Mediterranean off the coast of Roquebrune-Cap-Martin in 1965. Reportedly, Gray never stopped being mad about the murals.

— Janelle Zara