Iwan Baan Crosses Over Into Fine Art at Perry Rubenstein Gallery

Yesterday we reported that Iwan Baan’s blockbuster “The City and the Storm” would be available as 42” x 30” poster at the MoMA Design Store. Well. Good news! It’s also available as 70” x 47” edition of 10 at L.A.-based Perry Rubenstein Gallery, which has just scooped up the photographer for representation.

The announcement was made yesterday, both extolling Baan’s work as a “critical juncture between architectural photography and sociocultural inquiry,” as well as marking his official crossover into more mainstream recognition within the art world; he joins the ranks of Alex KatzMike KelleyHelmut Newton, and Zoe Crosher as a Rubenstein artist. “Iwan Baan’s practice effortlessly conjoins photography and architecture, simultaneously exploring the iconic power of structures and habitats and the humanity and fragility of life within them,” said Rubenstein in a statement. “His voice is singular and undeniable.”

Photographer Iwan Baan. Sidenote: It is very difficult to find a picture of a photographer on the Internet.

A longtime fixture in architectural circles, Baan’s most notable works pre-TCATS include his documentation of Caracas’s mixed-use squatter skyscraper, Torre David, for which he took a Golden Lion during the Venice Architectural Biennale this year. For “The Way We Live,” Baan’s inaugural exhibition, “The City and the Storm” will go up as the centerpiece in Rubenstein’s wHY Architecture-designed space, surrounded by other large-scale images that express this photographer’s unique ability to convey the soul of built structures.

— Janelle Zara