SCI-arc’s Media Archive Floods the Internet with Historic Architecture and Design Videos

Sam Jacob’s lecture at the Southern California Institute of Architecture

This past Tuesday, the debate over the cost of higher education flared up again as students protested plans for a revenue-generating model at The Cooper Union, a historically free institution. Meanwhile, on the west coast, the Southern California Institute of Architecture (SCI-Arc) recently launched an impressive new media archive, making more than 1,000 hours of filmed lectures and symposia, predominantly from SCI-arc, available to anyone curious enough to mine the recent history of architecture and design. Footage dates as far back as 1974, with lecturers including a thick-mustachioed Frank Gehry and a young Zaha Hadid, five years after falling from the OMA tree and starting her own practice. Paul Rudolph, Louis Kahn, and Charles Jencks make their appearances, as well as historians and urban theorists including Reyner Banham, Jean Louis-Cohen, Kevin Lynch, and Mike Davis. SCI-arc has compiled not only a vast index of architectural thought but also an archive of the evolving art of slideshow presentations.

- Kelly Chan