Nick Mason: Pink Floyd Drummer, Honorary Architect

There are two roads to becoming a famous architect. One involves merciless hours at the drafting table that go well into the night. The other involves finding world-renown on a separate accord and coming by your degree years later by virtue of your own fame. Yesterday, Pink Floyd drummer Nick Mason opted for the latter.

A band of architecture school drop-outs, also known as Pink Floyd.

It’s a little-known fact that Mason and fellow bandmates Roger Waters, and Richard Wright all met as young architecture students of London Polytechnic, rehearsing in the basement of the common room while their peers were busy studing. While their fate to become prog rock legends pulled them out of school just a year shy of graduation, Mason has come full circle and returned to receive an honorary degree from his old school, now known as the University of Westminster, to which he owes his success — at least a little bit. “Not only did studying architecture teach us some useful stuff,” Mason so eloquently stated, according to BDOnline, “but it also gave us an opportunity to develop and put us in touch with some fantastic mentors.”

He received his Honorary Doctor of Letters alongside architect Brian Waters, actual architect, who, as a major proponent for development in London, had painstakingly opted for the former.

— Janelle Zara