CRAB Studio Rehashes Archigram’s Colorful Futurism for Peru

If you’ve ever wondered what Archigram‘s pop-y, pastiched color-bombs would look like if they were actually built, you may have gotten a sense at the World Travel Market at London’s Excel centre last week. The four-day travel industry event featured a pavilion designed by CRAB studio, a firm run by former Archigram frontman Peter Cook (work depicted at the left) and Gavin Robotham. To summarize the vibrant culture of Peru, Cook and Robotham designed a series of drooping, upright plywood slats painted in a rainbow of loud colors, arranged like stylized arboreal growth, and lit with LED strip lights. The polychromatic landscape carved sinuous pockets of seating out of the 400-square-meter space.“We took a lot of inspiration from Macchu Pichu and local textiles from Peru,” Cook told BDOnline. “We did a large amount of research that translated into the bright colors of the structure,” he said, adding that the design “demonstrates the country in a very visual way.”

[Top photo: BDOnline]

- Kelly Chan