London’s “High Line” Will Be Open 24 Hours a Day

The people have spoken, and they want linear parks. Well, that’s not necessarily true, but the parks are coming anyway. New plans for a greened concourse in London’s Battersea were unveiled late last week, bringing more design-related excitement to the redeveloping riverfront neighborhood. Designed by landscape architects Camlins, thepark will run from Vauxhall Station to Battersea Power Station (which is poised for its own glamorous makeover), leisurely guiding park-goers down a contemporary architectural walking tour much in the same way as New York City’s High Line.

“The Linear Park is a new London green: a fusion of enclosed garden squares, open green commons and majestic tree-lined streets,” Director of Camlins Huw Morgan, according to BDOnline. Though it shares many of the same fundamental features as its predecessors, the Battersea’s High Line has a distinctive perk: It will be open 24 hours a day “for a 24-hour city,” said Morgan. Is London edging out New York in terms of how little its denizens sleep, and how much they like urban spaces with unequivocal paths?

[Image via BDOnline]

- Kelly Chan