Kieran Long Steps Up as V&A’s Senior Curator of Design and Architecture

Kieran Long, architecture critic at the London Evening Standard and former editor-in-chief of Architects’ Journal and Architectural Review, will be taking up the role of the Victoria & Albert Museum‘s Curator of Design and Architecture starting next year.

Long is a reputable figure within architectural circles, having won the first-ever IBP Architectural Critic of the Year award at its inception in 2004. But, with a self-expressed vendetta against parochialism in tandem with the ever-increasing part technology plays in the design world — the V&A’s first furniture-only gallery is slated to open the first of next month, and it’s going to be totally gadgeted-out — Long has made note that he’s going to have to brush up on his web- and tech-savviness. “Graphics is beyond the stated remit, as I understand it, but it seems to me that the only way to really reflect contemporary practice, and encourage public engagement with it, is to avoid being bound by disciplinary categories,” he said. ‘The web is a developing area of curatorial practice, and I have a lot to learn about collecting and exhibiting internet-based work.”  [Design Week]

— Janelle Zara