A Wobbly Proposition for the Seine

For the past couple of weeks, the Internet’s been enamored with French architectural firm AZC‘s scheme to span the Seine with an inflatable bridge that doubles as a trampoline. It was the third place winner of ArchTriumph‘s bridge design competition, but, sadly, it doesn’t look like it’s every going to amount to more than a few giggles. A much more plausible bridge took first place in the competition, however, and it’s one that would still provide those traversing a bit of exhilaration.

With a wobble that would give London’s Millenium Bridge a run for its money, bureau faceB‘s “Water At-traction” design evokes the sensation of crossing a rope bridge in a much more exotic locale (the Himalayas? An Indiana Jones movie?). While the less adventurous may cross the straight, run-of-the-mill concrete mesh path, other portions of the bridge are made from hanging steel cables that swing ever so slightly, while springs fixed to the banks prevent them from swinging too much. The beauty of the fluid portion is that it’s layered in narrow steps that approach the water. The steel cables, threaded with concrete beads, can provide both a dynamic journey or a quiet place to sit, closer to the Seine than was previously possible. [Dezeen via Co.Design]

— Janelle Zara