Eisenhower Memorial? There’s an App for That

Between Frank Gehry’s bickering with the Eisenhower clan and the recently-unveiled designs for his new Facebook mega-complex, you may already be Gehry’d-out this year. In case you aren’t, we’ve got the Associated Press’s details on the high-tech features of his ever-contested Eisenhower Memorial after the jump.

Thanks to augmented reality technology being implemented by media design firm Local Projects LLC, visitors can look at Gehry’s steel tapestries through their smartphone cameras to see what otherwise isn’t there: video and audio recordings that tell more of Ike’s story, even in Ike’s own voice. And children carrying smartphones (which seem to be all of them these days) will be on a scavenger hunt for hidden messages throughout the memorial.

Despite the Eisenhower family’s call for a simple memorial to reflect their grandfather’s modest ways, (granddaughter Susan Eisenhower, the AP reports, thinks storytelling “should be left to museums, not presidential monuments”), Ike would likely be into it. He did, after all, launch the NASA program in the midst of the Cold War and preside over an era that saw the invention of the hard-disk drive. These high-animated, interactive spin liven up an otherwise sleepy subject — presidential history, yawn — giving visitors something Tweet home about.

— Janelle Zara