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China Wants to Build the Tallest Building in the World…in 90 Days

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Image via CNN.

China’s Broad Sustainable Building – a Hunan-based construction company that has effectively stolen the BSB acronym from the Backstreet Boys – has announced plans to erect an 838-meter skyscraper in Changsha, the provincial capital of Hunan. Not only will Changsha’s impending “Sky City” have 10 meters on Dubai’s 828-meter Burj Khalifa and, therefore, momentary bragging rights as the tallest structure in the world, but according to CNN, BSB claims they can build the skyscraper in 90 days. Before you call their bluff, watch this time-lapse video of BSB erecting (and furnishing) a 30-story building in 15 days.

Let’s also not forget British investment bank Barclay’s “skyscraper index,” which warned us (again) earlier this year of “an unhealthy correlation between construction of the next world’s tallest building and an impending financial crisis.”

- Kelly Chan

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  1. Chan, there’s a big difference between “an impending economic correction” and “an impending financial crisis”. Learn some economics before making a false interpretation.

    You are certainly well versed in English obscenities, although I thought you were Chinese, no?

  2. by Kelly Chan

    Hi Poesy,

    I’m sorry, but I do not understand how my ethnicity figures into this at all. I should not be afraid to voice a concern (albeit a very brief one that directly quotes a report from Barclays Capital) that exceedingly ambitious construction projects such as this one have historically preceded financial crises.


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