Beirut-Based Studio Designs “Haute Couture” Lighting for the Spiral Staircase

If lighting is to architecture what clothing is to the body, then the bespoke light fixtures produced by Beirut-based .PSLAB are the architectural equivalent to fashion’s haute couture.

Powered by a team of over 100 designers working in Europe and the Middle-East, .PSLAB has been designing site-specific light fixtures since 2004, furnishing private homes in London, art galleries in Beirut, restaurants in Rome, and hotels in Paris with artisanal illumination. Their latest lighting concept is the result of a collaboration with Lebanese architect Bernard Khoury, an extraordinary sculptural fixture designed to echo the contours of a spiral staircase in a private Beirut residence. Elegant spokes of light fan outward as the fixture follows the sensuous curve of the stairwell unwinding just below it. The design is an exquisite essay on motion, recalling the serial overlays of Marcel Duchamp’s “Nude Descending a Staircase, No. 2,” but here rendered in minimalist form.

- Kelly Chan

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