On the Occasion of Her Majesty’s Diamond Jubilee, Pantone Releases a Swatch Palette of the Queen in Every Color

Q.E. II’s reign is about to turn 60. It’s a big deal, and Pantone has decided to celebrate in its own way.

Pantone, the preeminent arbiter of color disputes — really, the kind of people who will let you know real quick if what you’re referring to as “chartreuse” is actually pistachio — has teamed up with ad agency Leo Burnett to pay homage to Queen Elizabeth’s Diamond Jubilee. The two are releasing an extremely limited-edition guide to her kaleidoscopic wardrobe in a new color book of queen-shaped pages. The swatches cover the full spectrum of her ensembles, from the sunny Primrose Yellow she wore to William and Kate’s wedding last year, to several subtly varying shades of Crystal Blue (the frequency of which would indicate it’s her majesty’s favorite color), marking where and when she wore them.

With the Queen’s appearance playing a prominent role in her reign, the pages demonstrate her deliberate calculation in thumbing through her closet. Some choices are obvious — Ice Green seemed fitting for a landmark visit to a young Ireland — but others were more subtle. In the early days, the youthful Pink Carnation she wore to the 1967 Chelsea Garden Party softened her perceived austerity and emphasized her youth. Now, as she’s getting on in years, her silhouettes admittedly haven’t strayed from a hat + knee length coat formula for decades, but it’s her vibrant color choices that show off her sartorial range. It’s brings to mind a certain Stones song (one we don’t really need to mention).

— Janelle Zara

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