Finally, 3D-Printed Jewelry That Says Something About You, Not Just About 3D-Printing

3D-printing. It’s all the rage. Like a 17-year-old envisioning possibilities for her first tattoo, the design world has been itching to rapid prototype anything and everything. The more complex and the more reflective of its cutting edge manufacture, the better. If you can add a personal flair to your scripted objects, power to you. Lucky for those of us with zero Makerbot acumen, designers Sha Hwang and Rachel Binx have streamlined the creative process behind 3D-printing with a line of jewelry called meshu.

Hwang and Binx create delightfully geometric necklace pendants, earrings, and cufflinks whose forms are generated from customizable data on the wearer’s personal whereabouts. With meshu, you can create a geographical connect-the-dots of your Southeast Asian backpacking trip and turn the shape into a pair of earrings. Or better yet, Foursquare fiends can aggregate past check-ins and map out the perfect pendant. Surely that will offer the kind of material satisfaction those badges and mayorships never had.

This meshu features the top ten art museums in the US.

- Kelly Chan

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