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Homa Taj by Joanna G Kane, May 2014 Homa Taj by JG Kane, May 2014

MUSEUMVIEWS Productions was founded by American museologist and filmmaker HOMA TAJ (IMDb). Homa holds post-graduate degrees in art history and museology from Harvard University, the Courtauld Institute of Art and University of Oxford.

Homa’s first brush with the art of performance came during high school, on Long Island NY, when she briefly studied with the legendary American dancer & choreographer Jacques D’Amboise. A principal dancer of the New York City Ballet, D’Amboise founded the National Dance Institute in 1976 with a mission of “inspiring children through the arts.”

Between 1989 and 1999, Homa studied at the prestigious Stella Adler Conservatory and worked as a production assistant on a number of independent film and theatre projects, in New York City. Later in the decade, she pursued film and video studies with John Gianvito, the former Curator of the Harvard Film Archives and a recipient of Chevalier of the Order of Arts and Letters by the French Ministry of Culture (2001). During this time, she made a number of short films including Waiting For Van Gogh and an experimental animation film based on Pablo Picasso’s Blue Period masterpiece Seated Nude Back (1902).

Daughter of a painter, Homa’s interest in making films about artists and visual arts inspired her to pursue academic research in art history – museology, history of collecting, and the art market. Homa holds post-graduate degrees in museology (Harvard University); 19th-20th  century fine arts and their institutional histories (The Courtauld Institute); and, histories of museums & collecting (University of Oxford). She wrote her unpublished doctoral dissertation on the comparative history of museums and emerging markets, c 1870′s-1940′s, at the University of Oxford, UK.

Since c. 1997, Homa has visited and studied well over two thousand museums & art institutions and has worked with hundreds of visual arts professionals throughout the United States, Western Europe & parts of the Middle East. Since 2003, Homa has served as an Arts and Cultural Adviser to a number of public (institutional) and private collectors in the United States, The Netherlands, Germany (Berlin), Great Britain and the Middle East.

In addition, over the past several years, Homa’s travels have taken her to various film festival where she has made the acquaintance of a great number of filmmakers, throughout Europe and North America including: Amsterdam, Berlin, Zurich, New York, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Miami and others.

In late Spring 2014, Homa will serve as a judge at The International Video Dance Festival of Burgundy (France), in Spring 2014.

She can be reached at museumviews@gmail.com.

Field Experience

Have visited, studied & compiled a extensive archive of more than fifteen thousand videos and photographs at hundreds of museums & art galleries in the United States, Western Europe & the Middle East, including: France, Germany, Great Britain, Ireland, The Netherlands, Sweden, Switzerland and the United States… among other places.


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Founder and Editor, MuseumViews, 2003-Present

Producer, Interviewer: In Conversation with…[VIDEO Series], 2013-Ongoing

The Dealer (feature film, development), 2016

Rene (feature film, treatment), 2017

Steely Eyed Samurai (short film), 2015

Maria’s Comet (short film), 2014

Nantucket Atheneum (short film), 2013

Writer & Producer, Pilot episodes on Museums & Collectors, Summer, 2002 – Arts Nantucket, Channel 17, Nantucket, Massachusetts, USA

Writer, Director, Editor, “Jennifer Ricci: Portrait of a Poet,” Video Documentary, 1999

Writer, Director, Editor, “Waiting for Van Gogh,” Video Documentary, 1999

Artist, Writer, Director, Editor, “16 mm Experimental Animation,” 1999



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FILMMAKERS & Performers

In Conversation with Brooklyn Art Dealers Robert Henry Contemporary

In Conversation with Legendary French Photographer JEAN-DANIEL LORIEUX

In Conversation with Filmmaker of Calloused Hands Jesse Quinones

In Conversation with Israeli Artist Liron Ben Arzi

In Conversation with Spanish Photorealist Painter Bernardo Torrens

[Producer] Frank J Cunningham In Conversation with Tony Candon The National Museum of Ireland – Country Life

[Producer] Frank J Cunningham in Conversation w Cultural Influencers in #Ireland: Mayo Peace Park

[Producer] Frank J Cunningham in Conversation with Sean Walsh, Director Ballina Arts Center, Co Mayo, Ireland

[Producer]  Frank J Cunningham in conversation w Argentinian director Ana Piterbarg

[VIDEO] In Conversation with Chilean Filmmakers Jorge Duran & Gabriel Duran Director & Producer

[VIDEO] In Conversation with Marianne Lamour & Juliette Myanial Director & Producer of The ART RUSH

[VIDEO] In Conversation with René Sampaio, Fabricio Boliveira & Bianca De Felippes Director, Star & Producer of Brazilian Western

[VIDEO] In Conversation with Mexican Filmmaker (Director & Producer) Fernando Eimbcke

[VIDEO] In Conversation with Marianne Lamour & Juliette Myanial Director & Producer of The ART RUSH

[Producer] A Rare Gathering of Comedian-Filmmakers Ben Stiller, Seth Myers, Mike Meyers & Michael Ian Black

[Producer] The Chester Beatty Library: In Conversation With Fionnuala Croke (Director)

[VIDEO] In Conversation with John Maloof (Maloof Collection) on Finding Vivian Maier

[VIDEO] In Conversation with Documentary Filmmaker Jeff Tocci, Beardo (The Movie)

[VIDEO] In Conversation w Jonathan Fernandez, Screenwriter of Rob The Mob

[VIDEO] In Conversation with Chilean filmmaker Director Alejandro Fernández Almendras

[VIDEO] In Conversation w Andy Garcia (Actor) & Raymond de Felitta (Director) Rob The Mob

[VIDEO] In Conversation with Director & Choreographer of the MIAMI DANCE FESTIVAL XI

[VIDEO] In Conversation with Legendary CGI / VFX Pioneer Steve ‘Spaz’ Williams

[VIDEO] In Conversation with Paul Boche, Part II – Experimental Theater in NYC

[VIDEO] In Conversation With Young Emerging Actor Paul Boche, Part I

[VIDEO] In Conversation w John Turturro on his Fading Gigolo at the Miami International Film Festival

[VIDEO] In Conversation With Israeli  Filmmakers Aharon Keshales & Navot P of Big Bad Wolves

[VIDEO] In Conversation w Dutch Actress/Singer Hadewych Minis at AFI Film Festival

[VIDEO] In Conversation w NYC Ballet’s Sean Suozzi & Ellen Bar

[VIDEO] In Conversation w NYCBallet Principal Dancer Tyler Angle

[VIDEO] In Conversation with NYCBallet Choreographer Justin Peck

[VIDEO] In Conversation with Documentary Filmmaker Tom Donahue of HBO’s Casting By

[VIDEO] In Conversation with HBO & PBS Documentary Filmmaker Dawn Porter

[VIDEO] In Conversation with Documentary Filmmaker Joshua Rofe of LOST FOR LIFE

[VIDEO] In Conversation with AUSTENLAND Filmmaker Jerusha Hess

[VIDEO] In Conversation with Documentary Filmmaker Roger Ross William of God LOVES Uganda & the NMAAHC Museum

[VIDEO] My very casual conversation with Lasse Hallström @ Miami Film Fest XXX

[VIDEO] In Conversation with HBO’s Documentary Filmmaker Dawn Porter of GIDEON’S ARMY

[VIDEO] In Conversation with Thom Powers Documentary Programmer @TIFF @MIFF & @STFDocs

[VIDEO] In Conversation with Jaie Laplante Executive Director of MIAMI Film Festival

[VIDEO] In Conversation with Filmmakers Billy Corben & Alfred Spellman of COCAINE COWBOYS Remixed

[VIDEO] In Conversation with Two-times Academy Award Nominee Documentary Filmmaker Lucy Walker of HBO’s The Crash Reel

[VIDEOS] In Conversation with the Director & Cast of Eenie Meenie Miney Moe

[VIDEO] In Conversation with Sebastian Junger on HBO’s Tim Hetherton Documentary

[VIDEO] In Conversation with Award-Winning Cuban Filmmaker Carlos Lechuga (Molasses)

[VIDEO] In Conversation with Documentary Filmmaker Joshua Rofe of LOST FOR LIFE

[VIDEO] DANCE on FILM: In Conversatin with Sean Suozzi & Ellen Bar of the NYC Ballet

[VIDEO] In Conversation with NYC Ballet Choreographer Justin Peck

[VIDEO] In Conversation with NYC Ballet Principal Dancer Tyler Angle

[VIDEO] In Conversation with Filmmaker Alexander Poe of BREAK UP TOUR Starring Ian Unterman (of RAMBO The Musical)

[VIDEO] In Conversation with Filmmaker Kyle Patrick Alvarez Director of COG The Movie Based on David Sedaris’ Novella

[VIDEO] In Conversation woth Jim Bruce, Documentary Filmmaker MONEY FOR NOTHING: Inside the Federal Reserve

[VIDEO] Homa Nasab with Filmmaker David Lowery of AINT THEM BODIES SAINTS Starring Rooney Mara & Casey Affleck

[VIDEO] In Conversation with Nathaniel Hansen, the Director/Filmmaker of Docu The Elders

[VIDEO] In Conversation with Andrew Williamson, director-filmmaker of The Land of EB

[VIDEO] In Conversation with Nicholas Wrathall, Director of GORE VIDAL: The United States of Amnesia

[VIDEO] In Conversation with Jonas D’Adesky, Belgian Director of Haiti-based Movie Three Kids

Mister Rogers, Lady Gaga & Me – In Conversation with MTV’s Benjamin Wagne

In Conversation with Playwright Oren Safdie on Staging THE BILBAO EFFECT

In Conversation with Liza Johnson & her RETURN @ MoMA

In Conversation with Ian Kelly (parts i & ii) – From Casanova to Harry Potter & The Pitmen Painters

In Conversation with Swiss Filmmaker Nick Brandestini

CURATORS & Dealers

In Conversation with Curator Elliott H. King on DALI, The Late Works

In Conversation with Legendary Art Dealer LOUIS K. MEISEL

In Conversation with SFMOMA’s Sandra Phillips on Surveillance & Voyeurism

In Conversation with The Frick Collections’ Inge Reist on Collectors & Merchant Princes

In Conversation with Van Gogh Museum’s Maite van Dijk

In Conversation with French Curator Gabriel Bauret on Contemporary Photography

In Conversation with The MET’s Maryan Ainsworth on Jan Gossart’s Renaissance

In Conversation with MoMA’s Roxana Marcoci on New Photography

In Conversation with The PRADO’s Javier Barón on “Passion for Renoir”

In Conversation with De Nieuwe Kerk’s Marlies Kleiterp on the Khalili Collection

In Conversation with Palazzo Strozzi’s James Bradburne on BRONZINO

In Conversation with Quentin Buvelot: The Van Otterloo Collection of Dutch Old Master Paintings @ PEM

In Conversation with Belgian Dealer: Jan De Clercq of Meessen De Clercq

In Conversation with Dutch Dealer: Robbert van Ham of Jaski Art Gallery

In Conversation with Berlin Dealer: Christian Ehrentraut

In Conversation with Swiss-German Dealer Bennet Vertes

In Conversation with Ireen Wyers: Hotel Ambassade’s Iconic CoBrA Art & Book Collections


Not for the Shy at Heart – In Conversation with Pascal Möhlmann

In Conversation with Chitra Ganesh & Simone Leigh on “Divine Horsemen”

In Conversation with Dutch Artist Rik Meijers

In Conversation with American artist Robert Walden

In Conversation with Chinese American Artist Henry Chung on Memory in the Age of Artificial Intelligence

In Conversation with PLAYBOY’s Artist in Residence, Olivia De Berardinis

In Conversation with Bettina Rheims on Her Return to America

In Conversation with Robert Walden: Cartographic Utopias

Love, Trotsky & Rock’n Roll – In Conversation with Prof. James R. Russell (Harvard)

In Conversation with Spanish Photorealist Painter Bernardo Torrens

In Conversation with American Artist Sarah Dueth

In Conversation with American photorealist painter Robert Neffson

In Conversation with Dutch artist Tanja Ritterbex

In Conversation with Dutch-American Photographer Richard Koek

In Conversation with Israeli Artist Aviva Beigel on MuseumViews@ARTINFO

In Conversation with Israeli Artist Anan Tzuckerman

In Conversation with Dutch Artist Jeroen Evertz

In Conversation with Dutch Artist Bas de Wit

Selita Ebanks & Marc Bouwer Heat Up NY Fashion Week, in 3D

In Conversation with Marc Bouwer on Dressing Angelina, Beyonce, Charlize, Halle & Co.

In Conversation with Dutch Artist Dave de Leeuw


[VIDEO] In Conversation with Sebastian Junger on HBO’s Tim Hetherton Documentary

In Conversation with DELOITTE’s John Hagel on the POWER of PULL: The Most Aesthetically Inspired Business Book You’ll Ever Read (part i & ii)

[VIDEO] In Conversation with Cathy Marie Buchanan Canadian Author of THE PAINTED GIRLS

Select List of Invited Lectures & Curatorial Projects

“The Riddle of the Barnes Foundation,” Nantucket Historical Association, September 2007

“The Great Blockbuster (1931) at the Royal Academy of Art,” State of the Art, collecting art and national formation c. 1800-2000 Conference, National Maritime Museum, London, UK, July 17-19, 2007

Organizer, & Co-convener with Dr. Marius Kwint, Comparative Museology Conference, “Museum formation in China, the Middle East, the Balkans and in Diaspora,” Department of History of Art, Oxford University, UK, June 8, 2007

Moderator, “The Foundational History of Museums in Developing Countries”

Graduate Seminars – Khalili Research Centre, University of Oxford, UK

“National Museum of Afghanistan: An aesthetic history,” One Book One Island (Afghan Awareness Season), Nantucket Historical Association, Nantucket, USA, March 25, 2007

“Nationalist Cultural Policy and Museum Formation, a Comparative View,” History of Collecting Seminars, Department of Art History – University of Oxford, UK, February 14, 2007

“Musing the Nation: Creation of Museums in the Middle east (1878-1941),” Academic Seminars Series, St. Catherine’s College – University of Oxford, UK, January, 2007

“Nationalism and Formation of Museums,” Middle Eastern Studies Graduate Seminars – University of Oxford, UK, Spring 2006

Convener of Departmental Seminars, Department of History of Art, University of Oxford, UK, Trinity, 2003

Curator – Rolande Guillosou, Alliance Française – Boston, MA, 2001

*Created Limited-Edition Artist’s Book with Celebrated French Poet Robert Marteau & Documentary Filmmaker Maria Reggiani

Arts-on-the-Point Sculpture Park – University of Massachusetts Boston

Researcher – Grant Proposal Research : National Endowment for Humanities, 1999- 2000

Harvard University Fine Arts Library – Boston, MA

Academic Assistant – Visual Collections, 1997- 1999


Unpublished Theses

“Foundational History of Museums in the Middle East (case study) c. 1870-1940: A Comparative Study,” Doctoral Dissertation, Oriental Institute, Oxford University, 2011

“Who is Sol Lewitt?” Research Paper, Department of History of Art, Oxford University, 2003

“The Reciprocal Influence between Albert C. Barnes and John Dewey,” MSt. Thesis, Department of History of Art, Oxford University, 2003

“6000 Calvin Coolidges, The Riddle of the Barnes Foundation,” Research Paper, Department of History of Art, Oxford University, 2002

“French Nineteenth-Century Orientalist Landscapes,” MA Thesis, the Courtauld Institute of Art, 2001

“Museum of Fetish,” Final Thesis, Graduate Certificate in Museum Studies, Harvard University, 2000

“Pierre Auguste Renoir in Algeria, 1881-82,” Honors Paper, University of Massachusetts Boston, 1999