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Homa T. Nasab is an American curator, producer & museologist who divides her time between Berlin, Germany and Boston/NY, US. During the early 1990’s, Nasab studied at the prestigious Stella Adler Conservatory, with the late Stella Adler, and worked as a production assistant on a number of independent film and theatre projects, in New York City. Later in the decade, she pursued film and video studies with John Gianvito, the former Curator of The Harvard Film Archives and a recipient of Chevalier in the Order of Arts and Letters by the French Ministry of Culture (2001). The basis of Nasab’s curatorial work, academic studies and personal interests in visual arts are extensively rooted in early modern theatre (Stella Adler’s Conservatory); film & sculpture (UMass Boston); museology (Harvard University); 19th-20th century fine arts and their institutional histories (The Courtauld Institute); and, histories of museums & collecting (Oxford University). In recent years, Nasab’s research has focused on developments of the art market & formation of museums in emerging markets. Her curatorial, advisory and academic work has given Nasab a solid grounding in the aesthetics, economics and management of public and private art collections on a global scale, with particular focus on the relationship between private and public collectors. During the past dozen years, Nasab has visited, explored and recorded the collections of more than one thousand museums and galleries of art, science and archaeology, on three continents (America, Europe & Asia). She continues to chronicle her museological inquiries by creating a growing library of well over 10,000 videos and photographs as well as a number of published and unpublished theses on aspects of modern visual arts, their collectors & patrons and related institutional developments. Her investigations and travels have contributed to the formation of a solid network among international artists, curators, museum professionals & collectors. Whether researching: Sol Le Wit and Mark di Suvero’s monumental sculptures (Arts on the Point, Boston); the Baroness Marie-Thérèse Ullens de Schooten Archive (Aga Khan Program for Islamic Arts, Harvard); or, Albert C. Barnes’ iconic collection of modern art (The Barnes Foundation, Philadelphia), Nasab has always held a global and comparative perspective on the development of aesthetic forms and trends. Since 2003, Homa Nasab has served as an Arts and Cultural Adviser to a number of public (institutional) and private collectors in the United States, Great Britain and the Middle East. *** Nasab is writing and producing a feature length documentary about the art world and its institutions, including museums, the art market and academia. Contact her at MuseumViews@gmail.com

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