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Agnieszka Holland: “A Woman Alone”

Contemplating Agnieszka Holland’s career I get the sense of a slugger who won’t quit or powerful swimmer heading resolutely upstream.


Demy’s “Donkey Skin”: Deneuve Undercover

New York Film Festival ends this weekend with a segue into the giant Jean-Luc Godard retrospective and… too much stuff to see in New York, including MoMA’s always fascinating “To Save and Project” and an ongoing Jacques Demy retro, through October 17.


Lincoln Center Occupies Itself (on Film)

“Cinema of Resistance,” the dense, varied and timely series organized by Dennis Lim and co-programmed with filmmaker John Gianvito for the Film Society of Lincoln Center (as the opposite of light, summer fare) concludes August 29 with a program, titled “Occupy Wall Street and Beyond” that puts the events at Zuccotti Park two years ago and even the symbolic role of the West Side culture complex in a wider historical context.


Hot and Bothered at Anthology Film Archives

Say this for the folks at Anthology Film Archives, the former courthouse that’s best movie venue in the East Village (or Bushwick) and a strong contender for the most innovative, shoe-string film programming in NYC—they don’t need a weatherman. Air-conditioning notwithstanding, they’ve decided to match the mid-August heat with a pair of intertwined screen-scorching shows: “The Glandscape Artist: Russ Meyer” (August 15-25) and “That’s Sexploitation!” (August 21-29)


Civil Rights in America: You Are There

Counting down to the 50th anniversary of the March on Washington (something which, if boyhood memory serves, was televised live, at least in New York) and the Martin Luther King speech which rivals the Gettysburg Address as the most famous in U.S. history, BAMcinématek has an amazing, impressively researched series opening tomorrow, August 13, and continuing through August 28.


Back When New York City was “Fun”?

OK to plug my own show? If so, read on. “Fun City,” the series I programmed at the Museum of the Moving Image, includes 17 Hollywood features and one documentary shot on the streets and sidewalks of New York from 1966 through 1973—with one more feature, filmed in 1974, that recreates a bizarre event from the summer of ‘72.

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The Cinema of Matias Piñeiro: As You Like It

The latest of the talented young filmmakers to emerge from the independent film culture of southern South America, 31-year-old Matias Piñeiro arrives here with what seems to be a fully developed style and distinct set of interests.

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“Yumen”–A Chinese Ghost Town


Tibetan Sit-Doc: An “Old Dog” Without Tricks

The third feature by China’s first Tibetan filmmaker, Pema Tseden, “Old Dog”—screening at the Museum of Modern Art daily from May 15 through May 20 as part of their excellent series “Chinese Realities/ Documentary Visions”—is a spare documentary fiction, or situation documentary, with strong intimations of allegory.