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Fits Who to a T?

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So far be it for me to flog a commercial product but this item (advertised on this site, although the tip came from faraway Krakow) is one of the goofiest bits of merch I’ve ever seen—almost as weird as the combined Gorbachev-Batman T-shirts that were being hawked in Berlin, the year the wall came down.

For somewhere in the neighborhood of thirty bucks, you too can have a shirt in the color of your choice emblazoned with the name of the late New Yorker film critic Pauline Kael using the snazzy, sparkly disco streamlined typeface that appeared on the original edition of her 1980 collection “When the Lights Go Down”.  From a Times Square point of view, the title might sell more shirts than the name (and “I Lost It at the Movies” might be even better) but, really, whadda I know. Is this some sort of posthumous product placement or book promotion? I can’t imagine anyone other than a few aging film critics who would walk around with Pauline’s moniker emblazoned across their chests and that would probably be on Halloween. Something tells me that the target demographic, if there is such a thing, is less New York City tourists than Hollywood hipsters. In fact, I can see Quentin Tarantino wearing one now… possibly on his head.

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  1. Mr. Hoberman, I was reading this post last night and felt bad that you didn’t have a t-shirt too. ;) Well, fret no more …

  2. jhoberman says:

    Wow! I think we have the makings of a softball league.

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