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Perpetual Motion in “People’s Park”

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Caught at its final screening last night at “New Directors/New Films,” “People’s Park”, by Libbie D. Cohn and J. P. Sniadecki, is a provocative example of pure cinema and the most dynamic exploration of the cinematic time-space continuum I’ve seen since “The Clock.”

This continuous 75-minute dolly shot traversing a municipal park in the Chinese city of Chengdu on a summer afternoon observes, rather than orchestrates, constructing sort of orderly chaos. While the camera occasionally slows down, it never stops moving. Indeed, however initially soothing, “People’s Park” ultimately traffics in sensory overload. (It would be great in 3D or projected it in reverse.)

There’s no distributor but I’m hopeful that one will pick the film up so that more people can see it and I can see it again—and discuss it in greater detail.

Image: New Directors/New Films.

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