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Beyond “Duck and Cover”: “Run Hide Fight”

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Back in the day, a cute li’l cartoon turtle was used to prepare school children for nuclear attack. They gave us dog-tags then but things are a lot grimmer — not to mention more exciting — now.

The point of this educational film produced by the Alabama Department of Homeland Security, brought to my attention by fellow critic Vadim Rizov, is not living through an atomic blast but surviving “an active shooter event,” in this case, a white dude with a boot-camp crew-cut, wrap-around shades, and muscle-man black T-shirt walking into the lobby of what might be a government office building protected only by a sign banning concealed hand guns and opening fire with the automatic rifle he’s packed in a gym bag.

“Occasionally life feels more like an action movie than a reality,” the narrator warns. Truly: The ensemble acting and wall-to-wall musical score (shifting from “menace” music to thrilling drumbeats in time for the “fight” option) suggest a concentrated version of “United 93.” The piece, which was apparently released before the Sandy Hook massacre, has gotten around 96,000 views on YouTube; I wonder if it’s being shown in Alabama schools or movie theaters and, if so, is it rated “G”.

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  1. Andrew says:

    For what it’s worth, this video was shown to me at work by our security personnel as a training video (I work in a clothing store) earlier last year. It was a bizarre event: the video was part of a training program complete with questionnaire where we had to sign a document stating that we had seen the video.

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