Gilda Oliver at the Port Discovery Museum

Gilda Oliver builds communities and dazzles the international art world. While her glowing multi-media art captivates international audiences in Manhattan, Moscow, and Miami, it also blooms in local neighborhoods like yours and mine. This week, the Port Discovery Museum in Baltimore presents the artist’s recent work including; Prisms of Color a 9’ by 25’ mosaic, the fourth in a series of mega-sized mosaics, designed by the artist in her journey as a cultural animator who inspires a tradition of community participation.

3 Rainbows of Love Under the ocean, 6 x 15 feet, 2012, Mosaic mural. Photo Credit Kendra Miller.

In her recent series, the artist has again masterfully designed and enlisted volunteers and sponsors of all ages and walks of life to create prisms of color that inspire the community while providing the individual with concrete opportunities for both discovering creative abilities, and expressing their love for the world around them. After the show at Port Discovery Museum, the project will travel to numerous museums, and other audiences, on a custom built frame constructed by Pierce Steel.

Oliver’s recent portfolio is disarmingly impressive.  Her new series, informed by the mysticism of Kandinsky, Malevich and Mondrian, explodes in jolts of power.  Verse of Honey is among the artist’s recent series of paintings, sculptures and digital photography images addressing humanity’s relationship to art and nature where creative souls discover, validate, and sustain the artist who is often buried within.

 5Prisms of Color, 9 x 25 feet, 2015, Port Discovery Museum

Oliver’s transformational art has caught the attention of big magazines interested in promoting her feeling-drenched brand of creativity with in-depth articles in publications like Fine Art Magazine. The artist’s skill, generosity, and affirmative intent, translate to a worldwide fascination with her unlimited creative potential.

– Brenda Haroutunian

Follow the link to see more of Gilda Oliver’s work!

May 14 School 177 visits thier mural at Port Discovery Children's Museum-2Prisms of Color In Outer Space, a 9 x 25 ft mosaic mural designed by Gilda Oliver, and assisted by students and families of BCPSS School 177, and community volunteers, displayed  at Port Discovery Museum.