Ole Marius Jørgensen at Exhibit No.9

This week’s Modern Painters Blog post is brought to you by Exhibit No. 9.  Enjoy!


Exhibit No.9 is pleased to host “The Way North”, Ole Marius Jørgensen’s solo exhibition showcasing haunting cinematic portraits of Norwegian folklore.

Between rough mountain ridges, ancient forests and deep fjords once lived a cold, strange group of people. Their beautiful, small country would come to be known as Norway or ‘The Way North’. The great wilderness provided them their livelihood, but also presented dangers. Mysterious incidents in this desolate landscape forced the people to recognize the existence of diverse nature spirits. They discovered a variety of peculiar creatures living in their midst, some benevolent, others evil. Several well-known 19th century Norwegian artists painted these spirits, but none ever captured them on film – until now.


Oslo-based Ole Marius Jørgensen’s fine art photography combines humor and a Norwegian strain of surrealism. Jørgensen finds inspiration in old folk tales and Nordic sagas and prefers to shoot in sparsely populated Northern regions. Many of his iconic images reflect the dreams and fears of his countrymen and raise questions of identity. Shot on location in those same scarce Northern Norwegian landscapes in collaboration with costume designer Mikkel Brand Bugge, Jorgensen and Bugge conceived their own visions of these fabled beings.

“Ole Marius Jørgensen’s photographic portraits and interpretations of enduring folklore and legends, crafted with thoughtful, mysterious precision, tap into our universal interest in the unexplainable. We welcome Ole and his work to commence our exhibition season”. – Tom White, Director

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