Kiyomi Baird

In partnership with Kiyomi Baird we are pleased to offer a slideshow of her work .  Please enjoy!

Convergence, 2012

I had the opportunity to move to Tokyo.  I experienced a deep resonance with the Japanese culture and aesthetics.  I realized that aspects of myself are essentially Japanese.  I believe this cultural duality, the Eastern search inward toward stillness and the Western drive outward through exploration, is the source of a dynamic tension I feel in my life and express in my art.

In my digital work I want to evoke a feeling of timeless space from which images can shimmer in the viewer’s imagination. These images seem to converge or pull apart expanding like the waves of breath, e.g., Convergence, Unbinding, Dis-illusion, and only in Patar is there a found peace or stillness and in Cosmic Blush, a sense of wonder.

I create abstract spaces and forms that explore the movements of the cosmos and the human spirit.  Both these dimensions, physical and spiritual, are infused with the same universal life force which expresses itself through a variety of elemental shapes.  I try to show how these elements move in time and space toward balance and spiritual harmony.  I hope my work can serve as portals to the universe and sanctuaries of the soul for experiencing the oneness of both.

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