Wayne Charles Roth

In partnership with the artist we are pleased to offer a slideshow of works by the artist Wayne Charles Roth.

Wayne Charles Roth, Somewhere Else, 2014

The artist states:

I do not look at myself as a “digital artist,” I look at myself as an artist that uses the latest tools to express my vision and create art for the 21st-century. I have been creating digital fine art for roughly seven years but I have always earned a living as a visual artist. I have worked professionally as a designer, photographer, illustrator and college professor.
I became involved in computers and technology in the late 90’s. I used to work in oils and acrylic but felt that today’s technology allowed me to create art that was a truer reflection of the times we live in.  Technology and computers are an integral part of our everyday lives; it seemed natural to use these tools to create art that speaks to how we live today.
Regardless of what tools I use, I have always started with a concept or vision in mind. The differences between doing an oil painting and a digital painting are not that great. With my digital work there is still a lot of drawing involved–I am just using a stylus instead of a pencil.  When I painted in oils I used to use a lot of glazes to build up depth and color. With today’s software I still use the same slow process of multiple layers which are built up to achieve depth and power.  I think the main differences are in two areas. My digital work takes 2-3 times longer than an oil painting because the work is so much more complex, and I have to go through additional costly steps to produce the final piece.
My objective is to create compelling and unique work. I want my viewers to be surprised and dazzled by what they are experiencing. By using today’s technology I am better able to create art that reflects how we live today and speaks to a deeper meaning about how technology integrates into every aspect of our lives.
Producing the final art
I am currently producing my finished art in two ways.  The first is a digital chromogenic color print on a special metallic paper. The final digital file that I have created is expose to light-sensitive material to produce a latent image that is then developed using conventional silver based photographic chemicals. After I have approved the final art it is mounted to the back of clear acrylic. It is then mounted to an archival acid free board. It is then joined to an acrylic framing system to complete the art. The printing process, metallic paper and polished acrylic provides the final art with depth and color that is very compelling.
The second way I produce my art is with a custom LED back-lit frame system. This works very well with large pieces and is custom built for each piece. The art itself is produced on a new synthetic material that lets light pass through, while retaining the dense appearance of canvas. It is a beautiful effect and shows off the power and detail in my work.
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