Kathryn Hart at the Ateneo de Madrid

Internationally acclaimed artist, Kathryn Hart, will be featured for the second consecutive year at the Ateneo de Madrid (Museo del Prado), from October 1st to October 15th, and will be debuted in Paris at the Galerie Etienne de Causans, on view from October 7th to October 11.  Works will be selected from her current series, “Unapologetic Presence.”  The press release explains,

Eighteen Inches, 2013, 50x74x8 inches, mixed media, burlap and objects

“Her mixed media works seep with raw, personal history, exuding a sense of long, longing and an ultimate conviction in renewal.  New York City art critics have described her work as, ‘mired in matter, their power emanating from their very physical palpability and the artist’s unique way of imbuing the actual with its own transcendent mystery.  Humanoid-like beings are often sculpted and sutured into a surface smeared with sensuously tactile impasto, clotted paint and found objects in a manner at once funky and oddly elegant to reflect the human condition, all of its crags and crevices, what we want others to see and what we hide.’”

Unearthly Misfit, 2013, 45x51x5 inches, mixed media, burlap and objects

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