Barry Frydlender on view at Andrea Meislin Gallery

In partnership with the gallery, we are pleased to offer a slideshow of works from Barry Frydlender’s most recent body of work Yaffo – Tel Aviv on view at Andrea Meislin Gallery through June 21, 2014. See the complete press release HERE.

Rehearsal, 2011-2014 courtesy of Barry Frydlender and Andrea Meislin gallery

Frydlender’s Yaffo – Tel Aviv features 8 large-scale color photographs created between 1998 and 2014 that illustrate the shifting and merging skylines of the cities of Jaffa and Tel Aviv. The exhibition marks Frydlender’s first exclusive look at the Israeli skyline since his solo-exhibition at MoMA in 2007.

Compressing 16 years into 6 brand new photographs seems a feat impossible to accomplish; except for Frydlender’s method.

Digitally stitching together moments and events from the view of his home-studio window with his camera lens, Frydlender constructs each image from hundreds of individual frames, which, ultimately, result in cinemascopic panoramas (a process measured in multiples of months).

Frydlender builds the pictures as the Israelis build their skyscrapers, to an extraordinary and thought-provoking end.

Click on the link to see more works in the exhibition.