See Unsettling and Powerful Photos by Angela Strassheim at Andrea Meislin Gallery

In partnership with the gallery, we are pleased to offer a slideshow of works by Angela Strassheim‘s “Story Telling” at Andrea Meislin Gallery, on view from September 12 to October 26, 2013. The press release explains:

Strassheim’s images describe stories within the stories that are their backdrop. War legends, battle tales and romantic sagas elapse within chronicles of static bachelordom, anxious childhood, provocative adolescence and irritable paternity. In Storytelling, a gaggle of blond boys squirm impatiently, gripped in the throes of a hunting tale while further along the wall, in Butterfly, a young boy tenderly handles a delicate injured insect. Girl Found in Bed is an adolescent girl sprawled nude across her bed. Reminiscent of Courbet’s L’Origine du Monde, she embodies our collective coming of age narrative. Isabelle in the Window is apprehended in ambiguously motivated mid undress. Is she innocently exposed or an intentional performer for a familiar voyeur? In Garage, a mother’s eyes glaze over, with exhaustion, tension, or both – her husband riveted – while their three children slumber in the back seat. Three of the tales in Strassheim’s Story Telling emerge from her Evidence series – forensic family portraits documenting domestic homicides. And around the corner, Strassheim’s grandmother’s closet emits the low static hum that is the skene to her portraits looking on. At the center of the room are five hearts, posthumous, forensic portraits of this most sensitive, most critical of organs. Like Angela’s work, these hearts encapsulate the whole within the part. Each heart is the fulcrum of its owner’s life; each image, the core of its story.

To see images from Angela Strassheim’s “Story Telling” at Andrea Meislin, click on the slideshow.