See Gilda Oliver’s “Social Practice Meets Malevich” Works at Moscow’s 25Kadr Gallery

In partnership with the gallery, we are pleased to offer a slideshow of works from Gilda Oliver‘s “Recent Works” at 25Kadr Gallery in Moscow, on view from September 23 to October 2, 2013. The press release explains:

Gilda Oliver is an internationally recognized artist and the director of large scale social art projects integrating children and adults in artistic expression and community building. Her solo show at 25KADR GALLERY in Moscow continues a tradition of weaving international influences with Russian themes – social practice meets Malevich and Zlotnikov channels conceptual art.  Mixing artistic traditions and styles allows each to resonate across geopolitical boundaries revealing mystics, nature and the spiritual life of animals. 25KADR GALLERY promotes cultural exchange through contemporary art exhibitions in non-standard spaces through the careful curation of venue and concept.

To see Gilda Oliver’s “Recent Works” at 25Kadr Gallery, click on the slideshow.