A Deranged Xmas @ New York City

On Friday evening, tiny gallery New York City (located in, well, New York City) Abby Lloyd‘s “The Yule Lord’s Workshop.”

From the press materials:

O come all ye unfaithful, miserable and rotten, to celebrate Christmas at “The Yule Lord’s Workshop!” The workshop is an installation featuring deviant folkloric creatures such as Krampus the Yule Lord, Black Peter and the Catalonian Pooping Log. There will be a plethora of pungent eggnog, edible snow and lumps of coal to go around. The Yule Lord’s Workshop will be hosted by Krampus’s exceptionally bad Little Helper. And remember, if you even think about doing something naughty, Krampus will come and beat you into submission!

New York City is located at 83 Bowery. The opening is December 14, 6-8pm, and the gallery is open by appointment otherwise.